Pétur Sigurdsson was born in Iceland, but lived in Los Angeles from 1990-2000. He has a BA in Film & Television from Columbia College Hollywood. After graduating, Petur worked in Production and Art Department on movies and commercials in Los Angeles. Petur moved back to Iceland in 2000 and started working at Sagafilm as Production Service Producer. In 2004 Petur accepted a position as Head of Production at Pegasus Pictures, where he stayed until 2006, when he became freelance but continued to work mostly for Pegasus on projects like “Game of Thrones” and “Fortitude”. In 2016 Peppi partnered up with Ingvar and Baldur to form On the Rocks Productions.


Client: Director: Production Company:
Game of Thrones Season 2-4 HBO
Fortitude Season 1-2 Sky Atlantic/Tiger Aspect
Into the Inferno Werner Herzog Netflix/Spring Films
Sketch Stephen Barton Word is Born
Moving Art Louie Schwartzberg Netflix/Moving Art
Girl in the Cafe David Yates BBC/HBO
Amazing Race Reality TV CBS/Bruckheimer
It´s Worth Living Kai Wessel Allmedia
League of Gods Koan Hui Bona Film Group


Client: Director: Production Company:
Apple iPhone 6s Pete Betancourt Slim Pictures
Land Rover Discovery Sport Gary Holder Tangerine
Subary Forester Hiroki Ono AOI
Mercedes CLA Sam Bayer Soupfilm
VW Concept A Markus Steiner MPG
Cartier Audrey Mascina Junta Films
Chevron Lance Accord Park Pictures
Canal+- March of the Penguins Glue Society Radical Media
HSBC David Lodge Outsider
Jeep Cherokee Eric Saarinen Plum Productions
Samsung Eric Saarinen Plum Productions
Total Sebastian Edwards Hamster Pub.
Waitrose Stuart Douglas Nice Shirt Films
Juicy Couture Paul gore Flynn/DNA
Hero Kazima Robert Kaplan A Small Company
Birdseye Niall Doning 2AM
Lexus Giovanni Fantoni H-Films
Actimel Thoromar Jonsson Element E
Dominos Thoromar Jonsson On The Rocks
Ford Explorer Robert Logevall BDA
Good Year Peter Twaites Georgous
Dirol V6 Morten Lorentzen Easy Film
Porche Cayenne Bernd Seibold C3
Nissan Stagea Nico Beyer CBC


Client: Director: Production Company:
Björk – Who is it Dawn Shatforth RSA
Jonas Blue Arni & Kinski Good Egg
Aurora Arni & Kinski Good Egg
Dierks Bentley Wes Edwards Sequitur
In Ruins Christopher Wilcha On The Rocks
Gianna Nannini Kal Karman On The Rocks
Rock in Rio Paulo Lomba Tycoon
Dario G Jake Polonsky Paul Welland


Client: Director: Production Company:
Rolex Mario Sorrenti Art Partners
Harrod’s Anders Overgaard Sarah Laird
Range Rover John Higginson Cogent Elliot
Levi´s Solve Sundsbo Holy Cow
Harper´s Bazaar Solve Sundsbo Holy Cow
BMW X3 Jeff Ludes Team Halprin
Lexus Stuart Hall Stuart Hall Photography
Lexus LX 470 Stuart Hall Working Class
Seventeen Magazine Eika Aoshima Seventeen
Maxim Magazine Sasha Eisenmann Maxim
Land Rover Nick Georghiou David Gardener
Cadillac SRX Uwe Duettmann Studio Uwe Duettmann
Cycle Surgery Nigel Riches Cycle Surgery
Broadview Heimo Schmidt Loni Weholt


Ingvar Thordarson has produced features, documentaries and shorts that have won awards all over the world, including „Life in a Fishbowl“, the Oscar entry and winner of record 12 awards at the Icelandic Edda Film Price Awards and „The Grump“, Finland’s highest grossing film 2014 and 22 other critically and commercially successful features. In 2017 will premiere „Tom of Finland“ and „The Unknown Soldier“. Ingvar is known for producing feature films and documentaries in the most inclement of arctic environments. In addition, Ingvar Thordarson has run a cinema, various businesses and companies, organized film festivals, concerts, exhibitions, constantly working with a variety of global artists around the world.


The Unknown Soldier Co-Producer 2017
Tom Of Finland Co-Producer 2017
Lightcatcher (Short) Producer 2017
Reykjavik Producer 2016
The Mine Co-Producer 2016
The Midwife Co-Producer 2015
Albatross Producer 2015
The Grump Co-Producer 2014
Life in a Fishbowl Producer 2014
The Grandad Producer 2014
Autumn Blood Co-Producer 2013
Rock Bottom Producer 2013
Frost Producer 2012
Mona Producer 2012
Santa’s Night Out (Short) Producer 2012
Konfekt (Short) Producer 2011
Karlsefni (Short) Producer 2011
Jitters Producer 2010
Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre Producer 2009
How to win a lost game (Short) Producer 2009
Hotel Earth (Short) Producer 2009
Dark Floors Co-Producer 2008
Dorks and Damsels Producer 2007
The Bothersome Man Co-Producer 2006
Eleven Men Out Producer 2005
101 Reykjavik Producer 2000
Popp i Reykjavik Producer 1998



Viss ehf – Founder/CEO
• Founded the company in 2014 and still serves as the CEO.

WOW Air – Founder/CEO
• Started the company in 2011. Hired all directors, negotiated all major agreements including leases of aircrafts and was the CEO from day one.

Titan Investments – CEO
• CEO of a medium sized Investment Company. Responsible for analyzing investment opportunities, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors. Sat on the Board of Directors for some of the Subsidiaries.

Islandsbanki/Glitnir – Director of Distressed Credit
• Director of a team within the bank that oversaw distressed credit, and recommended actions to the credit committee of the bank. Sat on the Credit Committee for large exposures.

Dominos Pizza – CEO
• Became the Chairman of the Board for Dominos Pizza in early 2005, but at the time I was working for Baugur Group. Baugur Group asked me to take over as a CEO as a change was necessary. Domino´s has 14 outlets in Iceland and over 300 employees. Domino´s record EBITDA to date was in 2006.

Baugur Group – Director of Nordic Investments
• Analyzing investment opportunities, and making recommendations regarding investments. Stay in contact with Directors of subsidiaries, and reporting to Baugur Group on the subsidiaries. Served on the Board of Directors of several subsidiaries.

Allianz Iceland – CEO
• Allianz Icelad is primarily a sales office for Allianz product, but is owned by Icelandic investors. Took over as CEO when Baugur Group invested in the Company, but at the time Allianz Ísland was in serious financial distress. The turnaround was very successful and the company paid record dividends in 2003 and 2004. When the company was sold, Baugur Group recouped its initial investment 200 fold.

Vodafone/Islandssimi – CFO
• I was the third employee of the company, and as such, I was a big part of the team that built it. I was responsible for all financial aspects of the company, including raising capital, negating with banks and daily financial control. I was also responsible for establishing financial accounting systems and procedures. I negotiated all major investments.

Board of directors:

Vodafone/Islandssimi – CFO
• Securitas • Husasmidjan • Allianz Island • Vordur •Vatryggingafelag • Laugarakur • Nordurljos

General Board Member:

Vodafone/Islandssimi – CFO
• Skeljungur • Thor Data Center • Kali Tuna • Baja Aqua Farms • Ingvar Helgason • Steypustodin • Posthusid • WOW Air • Tindar verdbref and more.